Organic Black Chia seeds grown in Paraguay

How to use:
- Sparkle it over your muesli, yoghurt, smoothies and juices, in your salad with other nuts and seeds
- Is a replacement for egg in cakes (vegan way)     
                    1tbsp black chia seeds + 3 tbsp of water = 1 egg
- Chia puddings dessert !  Some inspiration + recipe, click here !


Organic Black ChiaSeeds

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  • Ingredients: Organic Black Chia Seeds
    Origin: Paraguay

  • Nutritional Information:


                                                                 Per 100g

    Energy:                                               2092KJ

    Protein:                                                 25g

    Fat, total:                                            29.17g

      -Saturated:                                         0.0g

    Carbohydrates,total:                        33.33g       

      -Sugars:                                               0.0g

    Fibre:                                                    33.33g

    Sodium:                                                0.0mg