Almond meal, natural. The skin was still on when grinding the almonds, which gives the mix a light hazelnut color.

Product of Australia.
NB: To be stored in the fridge.


How to use:
Almond meal is an amazing in replacement of wheat flour to make your recipes gluten free, grain-free, paleo, even keto friendly.
Great to use in sweet treats and savoury options , keep in mind that baking with almond meal can give a dense-bulky texture to the recipe.


Health benefits are multiple
Eating two handfuls of almonds in a week can lowers cholesterol, especially the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Almond Meal Natural

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  • Almonds
    Origin: Australia
    Allergen: Contains tree nuts (almonds + possible trace of peanuts)

    Packed by Coastal Wholefoods 
    ABN: 51 197 625 668