Product of Australia, Tasmania.


The Damen family has been using organic farming methods to grow healthy alternative grains and seeds for more than a decade in the prime agricultural region of North-West Tasmania. The rich fertile red soil, abundance of water and seasonal sunshine allows us to grow nutrient-rich whole foods as they were grown for thousands of years.

Our journey to become certified organic began with a composting system and grew over the years until we achieved 100% certified organic status. Kindred Organics is the first organic quinoa grower in Australia, and we also grow hemp, spelt, buckwheat, oats and grassfed beef. Our products are grown, stored, processed and packed on our family farm in Kindred, Tasmania.


Health benefit:

Spelt is a very good source of protein, fibre and minerals, most than the common wheat.
Wholemeal flour is also always more nutritive than white flour as the grain has been milled still in its "shell"  and nothing has been removed. We benefit not only from all the fibre, but also all the minerals and vitamins.


What about a >>banana bread recipe<<?
This one is my favourite and is from the book "Wholesome Child" from Mandy Sacher who is a nutritionist and the best one when it's about introducing foods for children!
You can also substitute the eggs with a "chia egg" (check out our organic chia seeds!) or a "flax egg" (check out our organic linseeds) to have a dairy free recipe. It actually adds more moisture to the banana bread.

Kindred Organics Spelt Wholemeal Flour

  • INGREDIENTS: Kindred Organics spelt grains, GM free

    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Product of Australia, processed and packed in Tasmania
    ALLERGEN INFO packed on equipment that may also be in contact with products containing peanuts, gluten, wheat, tree nuts, dairy products and sesame seeds..
    Packed by Coastal Wholefoods
    ABN 51 195 625 668
    Ph: 0497 406 566

                                                         Avg Per 100g
    Energy                                                     1420kJ
    Protein                                                        14.3g
    Total fat                                                        2.2g
    (including saturated fat)                               0.4g
    Carbohydrates                                            60.1g
    (including sugars)                                         1.1g
    Sodium                                                      1.7mg
    Best Before 31/07/2022