Pasta made in Australia by L'Abruzzeze, a 4th generation family of artisan pasta.
Their large range of pasta include wholemeal pasta, spelt pasta, egg free pasta, gourmet pasta.
Coastal Wholefoods will be extanding the range as the store grows, fingers crossed.
Check out also their Lentil and Maize pasta, they taste as delicious!

Gluten Free Besan & Buckwheat Pasta

PriceFrom AU$4.75
  • Ingredients: Organic Besan, Buckwheat & Maize Flours, Xanthan Packed by Coastal Wholefoods
    ABN: 51 197 625 668
    BICHENO TAS 7215 

  • Nutritional Value:
                                  Ave per serve 125g        Ave per 100g
    Energy                                      1600 kJ                 1280 kJ
    Protein                                       10.50 g                     8.40 g
    Fat ­ Total                                        2.70g                       2.20g
    Saturated                                    0.60 g                    0.50 g
    Carbohydrate                           77.20g                   61.80g
    Sugars                                           0.70g                     0.60g
    Sodium                                            8mg                 7.00 mg
    Dietary Fibre                                7.51g                       6.01g