Recently opened in July 2020 in Bicheno on the East Coast of Tasmania and relocated in October 2020 in Swansea, Coastal Wholefoods is an online health store and wholefoods cafe offering a range of organic and natural produce such as cereals, wholegrains, flours, nuts, pasta while accommodating specific diets.
Born out of our own personal journey in health and from a 20years + passion for food within the hospitality industry, our family business supports Tasmanian produces and Tasmanian local businesses first.

Our mission
The current Covid-19 highlighted the importance of many essentials aspects of our lives and having the access to fresh, affordable and quality foods is definitely one of them.
Living on this East Coast paradise, we believe that all we need now is good food to nourish our bodies as we already have everything around us to nourish our minds and spirits.
Tasmania is so unique, for its landscape but also for its people and their strong willingness in living close to nature by all means. Starting with food.
By honoring local knowledge and savoir-faire, we are hoping to contribute to a more sustainable future for our island and the future generation.

Shop local
Eat Local
Spend Local
Enjoy Local

This is the Tasmania's East Coast lifestyle right here and we wish you to enjoy its benefits in all its abundance.

Gallery: All images © 2020 Lynden & Estelle Wright

Blow Hole - Bicheno
Denison Beach - North Bicheno
Rice Pebble Beach - Bicheno
The Hazards - Freycinet Peninsula
Waubs Bay - Bicheno
Waubs Bay - Bicheno
Devils Corners - East Coast Highway
Freycinet NP.
Binalong Bay - Bay of Fires